_id – This is a field required in every MongoDB document. The _id field represents a unique value in the MongoDB document. If you create a new document without an _id field, MongoDB will https://globalcloudteam.com/ automatically create the field. So for example, if we see the example of the above customer table, Mongo DB will add a 24 digit unique identifier to each document in the collection.

Studio 3T is a MongoDB GUI that offers an elegant, intuitive interface for MongoDB users, whether they’re newbies or seasoned pros. It’s one of the best MongoDB GUIs on the market, offering features like query auto-completion, schema visualization, and support for MongoDB’s aggregation framework. Some people needed a Database that could store lots of unstructured data.

MongoDB Filtering: MongoDB Filter Aggregation Operator

MongoDB allows a highly flexible and scalable document structure. For example, one data document of a collection in MongoDB can have two fields whereas the other document in the same collection can have four. MongoDB Charts is a tool to create visual representations of your MongoDB data. MongoDB Charts makes communicating your data a straightforward process by providing built-in tools to easily share and collaborate on visualizations.

MongoDB Key Features

Storage Engines manages how data is saved in memory and on disk. MongoDB also provides pluggable storage engine API that allows third parties to develop storage engines for MongoDB. MongoDB is known for being an easy-to-use database, but sometimes you need a little help getting started. A MongoDB GUI can make working with your database much easier, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user.

The data model available within MongoDB allows you to represent hierarchical relationships, to store arrays, and other more complex structures more easily. Data is written and queried based on the key to store/retrieve its value. Mail us on , to get more information about given services. You need not to design the schema of the database when you are working with MongoDB. The above query will return documents that have Pune as their City, and it will print the sorted result. The above query will return every index that has been created for the “test” collection.

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As we have seen from the Introduction section, the data in MongoDB has a flexible schema. Unlike in SQL databases, where you must have a table’s schema declared before inserting data, MongoDB’s collections do not enforce document structure. This sort of flexibility is what makes MongoDB so powerful. Document-oriented – Since MongoDB is a NoSQL type database, instead of having data in a relational type format, it stores the data in documents. This makes MongoDB very flexible and adaptable to real business world situation and requirements. Database – This is a container for collections like in RDMS wherein it is a container for tables.

A replica set consists of two or more mongo DB instances. Each replica set member may act in the role of the primary or secondary replica at any time. The primary replica is the main server which interacts with the client and performs all the read/write operations. The Secondary replicas maintain a copy of the data of the primary using built-in replication. When a primary replica fails, the replica set automatically switches over to the secondary and then it becomes the primary server. MongoDB stores data in collections, which are a group of BSON documents where each document is essentially built from a field-value structure.

MongoDB Key Features

It automatically generates a form for each of your collections that you can later personalize with our various form widgets. The Rich text editor comes with auto-complete, syntax highlighting, and code formatting features. If you’re new to MongoDB, Compass is a great way to get started. It’s easy to use and provides all the features you need to get up and running with MongoDB quickly. In addition, there are independent developers who have created excellent open source graphical interfaces.

Support for Multiple Storage Engines

CRUD operations are necessary to interact with data, and it offers a better approach that makes it easier to execute these operations. MongoDB has a flexible schema that uses JSON-like documents. Users can perform field, range queries, and regular expression searches. Also, indexes can be created on any field in the document for even faster searching. However, it is a time-consuming and resource-intensive task to monitor the Data Connectors continuously. All of these challenges can be comfortably solved by a Cloud-based ETL tool such as Hevo Data.

It’s a great option for those who want a MongoDB GUI that is easy to use and packed with features. Provides replication and high availability with automatic failover. Secure sensitive data by omitting the critical or unused fields. RDBMS has a typical schema design that shows number of tables and the relationship between these tables whereas MongoDB is document-oriented. Relational databases are known for enforcing data integrity. The _id field is added by MongoDB to uniquely identify the document in the collection.

Compass enables you to make smarter indexing, document validation, and query optimization decisions. It also visualizes your data so you can better understand the structure and contents of your databases. Providing a high-quality ETL solution can be a difficult task if you have a large volume of data.

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Meaning that there can be multiple documents in a collection, with different keys, and these keys might not be found in other documents. This is the major reason behind MongoDB’s flexibility, with data. Simply speaking, replication is a process of, distributing the data on multiple servers and keeping everything synchronized. Notably, MongoDB indexes can be created on demand to accommodate real-time, ever-changing query patterns and application requirements. They can also be declared on any field within any of your documents, including those nested within arrays. Authentication is a critical security feature in MongoDB.

Authentication ensures that only authorized users can access the database. MongoDB Atlas, MongoDB’s DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service) platform, has a minimum of three member replica sets. They can span across multiple regions or even multiple cloud providers of your choice. Sharding in MongoDB allows for much greater horizontal scalability.

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Build, Test, and Deploy Scalable REST APIs in Go.

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Ad hoc queries – MongoDB supports searching by field, range queries, and regular expression searches. Queries can be made to return specific fields within documents. This is a human-readable, plain text format for expressing structured data. JSON is currently supported postgresql has many modern features including in many programming languages. Fields are analogous to columns in relational databases.The following diagram shows an example of Fields with Key value pairs. So in the example below CustomerID and 11 is one of the key value pair’s defined in the document.

MongoDB has been adopted as backend software by a number of major websites and services including EA, Cisco, Shutterfly, Adobe, Ericsson, Craigslist, eBay, and Foursquare. MongoDB is faster as compared to RDBMS due to efficient indexing and storage techniques. Complex transactions are not supported in MongoDB because complex join operations are not available.


A replica set is a group of MongoDB servers that maintain the same data set, providing redundancy and increasing data availability. Document oriented and schema-less structure makes the MongoDB one of the preferable choice. Many other features like Aggregation pipeline, Sharding, Replication, etc. help the database query results faster with better performance.

However, the documents in a single collection don’t necessarily need to have exactly the same set of fields. This is what we call a “flexible schema.” This flexibility allows developers to iterate faster and migrate data between different schemas without any downtime. However, if you want to lock down your schema at a certain point, you can do so by applying validation rules to your collections. Furthermore, MongoDB has extensive index support that can be used for query profiling, replication, and fail-over support.

What Are The Key Features Of MongoDB?

In this article, you have learned about MongoDB Filtering and how you can effectively filter out documents in MongoDB. MongoDB provides the $filter aggregation operator that allows you to filter out your documents and extract the fields you want based on the condition you have specified. You can also MongoDB Compose to easily query your MongoDB data in a visual environment by simply providing the filter in the Query bar. MongoDB Atlas App Services also allows you to filter the incoming MongoDB query. The filter can add extra query parameters and omit fields from query results before App Services runs the query. Key-value databases are based on key search predictions to retrieve and store data optimising that specific approach.

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Being Document Oriented is a great feature that helps MongoDB stand out among others. We have tables and rows columns structure for SQL, we have fields in key values pair, with MongoDB. We can have multiple documents or records in a single, same collection, but with different key values pairs. This feature is important regarding Data Storage and Backup, as it allows us to recover and restore, in case of failure in hardware or services. Thanks to this replication, that data is made available with multiple copies on different locations. Time is saved, and no operation is halted due to this amazing feature.

Even though there is no graphical user interface for administering the database, it can still be done by using the mongo shell. The Mongo shell is a great way to access JavaScript and databases for MongoDB. In this article, we will learn everything about MongoDB, its key features, and some of the best MongoDB GUI Tools available in the market.

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